Sanitary valves refer to valves used in industries such as pharmaceuticals and food that require high sanitation levels. Suitable for pharmaceutical factories and food processing plants. QIIMII provides sanitary butterfly valve, sanitary ball valve, sanitary valve diaphragm valve, sanitary check valve, sanitary sampling valve and other valves.  

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QIIMII is a company that develops, manufactures and operates various specifications of valves.The company has been established for many years, with strong technical force, sophisticated CNC lathes and testing equipment, and a perfect quality management system.Advanced production technology, high-quality product quality, and honest business philosophy have won the affirmation and support of customers at home and abroad.

Products are widely used in beer industry, dairy industry, pharmaceutical industry, beverage industry, petrochemical, chemical and other fields.

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Commitment To Reliable Products & Service
QIIMII prides itself in delivering exceptional partnerships with our clients through unsurpassed product quality and well-rounded range of value-added services.
Quality Control

We use different testing equipment for different production stages to ensure the high quality of valves. Tools include, but are not limited to, the following: pre-polish inspection, production inspection, rigorous inspection of finished products, and control of tolerance limits. All Qiming products must be strictly tested before delivery to ensure that the quality of each valve meets the standard.

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Full Support

From pre-sales to after-sales, we provide a series of service support, including but not limited to: technical support, product consultation, etc. All of our efforts are made to ensure that the performance of our products works for you in a reliable and efficient manner.

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QIIMII 8th Anniversary Celebration

On July 20th, our 8th anniversary group building event. Gratitude for eight years, building the future together, and creating brilliance again.


Tri-Clamp Fittings and Gasket Sizing Guide

Size Flange OD Tube IDTube OD Inch mm 1/2"0.984250.370 9.40.500 12.70 3/4"0.984250.620 15.750.750 19.05 1"1.98450.50.870 22.11.000 25.40 11/2"1.98450.51.370 34.81.500 38.10 2"2.516641.870 47.5


QiiMii Team building activities

On May 20th, a relaxed and enjoyable team building activityTeamwork and work together with one heart.


What is the difference between air valve and air relief valve?

Air valves and air relief valves each have their own unique uses and usage environments. Air valves is designed to prevent negative pressure in the pipeline and regulate airflow; Air relief valve is d

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with its experienced specialists, specializes in manufacturing industrial valves and provides technical support and one stop solutions for the global market.

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