The emulsion production process is divided into the following parts: raw material metering and transportation, stirring reaction (involving heating, cooling, vacuum and other processes), dilution cooling, filtration and filling, etc. The ingredients are hoisted and manually fed; stirring reaction: the liquid and the liquid or the liquid and the powder material are stirred evenly by a mixer; and the reaction is carried out at the corresponding process temperature, pressure and time; heating: including heating source, heating medium, heating clamp Cooling: including cooling source, cooling medium, cooling medium storage pool, cooling coil jacket and corresponding pipelines, valves, pumps, etc.; generally, the cooling of the resin kettle adopts inner coil cooling ;Condensation and vacuum: the heated steam can be condensed and recycled through the condenser (optional vacuum system); the condensation part includes distillation column, condenser, water separator, etc.; the vacuum part includes vacuum pump, vacuum buffer tank, pipeline, valve Etc.; Filtration and filling: The cooled product is filtered to filter out unqualified components, and then measured and packaged.

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