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VCA Air Blow Check Valves

VCA Air Blow Check Valves

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VCA Air Blow Check Valve is designed to evacuate lines of product or CIP solution and for air agitation of product in tanks and other vessels. It also helps to protect pipelines against

corrosion – air drying of lines permits formation of protective oxide film

Working Principle

Filtered air enters adapter (A) and exerts pressure on the valve plug assembly (B) causing it to move forward and unseat. The filtered air passes through the valve and around the valve

plug assembly (B) entering the pipeline or tank. When the air pressure entering the adapter (A) is shut-off the valve plug assembly is returned to its normally closed position by return spring,

preventing any product or CIP solution backflow.


Design And Features

·The air blow check valve can be used in any position: horizontal or vertical

·Fail Safe Operation – backflow of product or CIP solution prevented by simple air to open, spring to close operation

·Easy Assembly/Disassembly – Tri-Clamp connections permit quick disassembly and assembly for replacing Filter Media, cleaning or inspection.

·Remotely Controlled – can be remotely controlled by controlling the supply of air to the valve.

·Rugged Construction – type 316 stainless steel is standard. Spherical plug assembly is bonded EPDM rubber.

·Choice of Quick Coupler, 1" Hose Barb, or 3 /8", 1/2" Female NPT air line adapters.


Technical Data

Temperature Range: -0°C to + 121°C

Air Pressure: Min. 1 Bar



Wetted Steel Parts: SS316L

Other Steel Parts: SS304

Wetted Seals: EPDM per FDA 177.2600

Other Seals: FPM per FDA 177.2600

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