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VFC Encapsulated Three Way Ball Valve

VFC Encapsulated Three Way Ball Valve

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VFC Series 3-way Stainless Steel ball valves are used in situations where tight shut off is necessary. Providing superior ease of operation, these ball valves can maintain and regulate high volume,  

high pressure and  high temperature flow. They offer rugged construction, providing for a long service life and comparably low cost.


Technical Data

Material: SS304 or SS316L

Seat Gasket: PTFE

Operating pressure: Max.1000kPa(10 Bar)/145 psi

Temperature range: -20°C to 150°C


Air pressure: 4-7 Bar

Temperature range: -25°C to 120°C


· Fully encapsulated or cavity filled with PTFE

· Lockable Handle

· ISO 5211 Mount Pad

· High pressure applications

· Full port design (½ - 3") offers lower pressure drop and a less turbulent flow

· Precision stainless steel balls reduce torque and friction losses while extending seat life

· L port or T port Ball Core

· Max. operating Pressure: 3000kPa(30Bar)/435psi



· Connection: Weld, Tri Clamp, Male

· Stanard: 3A, SMS, DIN

· Operating : Manual, Pneumatic Actuator, Electric Actuator

· Control: Valve positioning, 0/4… 20mA

Position sensor,PNP or NPN

Top control unit


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